BMP Calculations

Understanding how BMPs are calculated will help the user maximize their load reductions. The following topics are addressed in Section 6 Best Management Practices of the Model Documentation: BMP types, BMP groups and sequence of calculation, overlapping and mutually exclusive BMPs, calculation steps with example calculations, and tips for maximizing load reductions.


Each BMP is developed following a Protocol that was approved by the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership. The Protocol and detailed reports for each BMP are available at the links below. A Quick Reference Guide provides general information about a BMP and how it functions within the Chesapeake Bay Program reporting and modeling structure. This Guide provides a single place to learn key information about most BMPs. 

NRCS Practice Names and Codes

A crosswalk of NRCS practice names and codes to the CAST BMP name may be helpful in selecting the CAST BMP that best represents your management action.